We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and your staff for all the patience, hard work and dedication you have put throughout the years our son has been with Coolwinds. We thank you for preparing him academically and socially for the years to come.

We are so very happy with the wonderful experience and quality care that he got.

He has settled in very well at Laddsworth and he is very happy to be there. First day of school didn't even feel like he was there for the first time.

Keep on doing the good work that you do. God bless you.


Kind regards

Mpho and Khutso

The decisions taken by the school are always in the best interests of the children and for this I must say a BIG THANK you to everyone at the school who play a part in looking after our kids. Even the cleaning and gardening staff are included in this, as they interact with the kids and are always so friendly. I don’t think parents realise how lucky they are to have their kids enrolled at Cool Winds. We have often spoken with friends or other family members about what Finley gets up to at school and they are always amazed at the care he receives and the activities he is involved with, as their Day Care schools don’t offer that. The kids are simply left to play all day, with very little structure or learning involved. I can’t think of a better place to give our little kids the best start to their school career. Please pass on my thanks to Zelda and all the staff. Paul Mitchell

Thank you for the great reports for both Matt and Dean. They really are so comprehensive and give so much detail. It is really interesting to read them. Thank you also for arranging normal closure time of the school for break up day. As a working Mom it is really handy when the school closes at normal time and not at 12:00. And the photographs seemed to arrive really quickly too. She took some great shots. Cathy Taylor

Cool Winds Pre-Primary or as I would like to call "A home away from home" for my children. A safe haven and a place oozing with love, laughter and happiness. Cool Winds Pre-Primary is not only brilliant in terms of their academic standard but the way each child is given special care and attention by all staff, is incredible and something very rare to see now days. I recommend Cool Winds Pre-Primary to any parents wanting to place their precious children into loving and caring hands. I am ever so grateful to every staff member for all their continued dedication and hard work, which is clearly seen every single day. The most beautiful thing any mother can experience every day knows that when she picks up her child/children from school that she has that absolute reassurance that she will see them happy, content and so well looked after - this is why I would choose Cool Winds Pre-Primary over and over again any day! Candice Read

Cool Winds has been such an amazing cornerstone in our lives. The school has created such a loving caring God centred environment and it truly reflects in my boys. They go to school with happy hearts. There is such good relationships between the parents and is encouraged by the school with events and activities that involve everyone. Working long hours and a busy life is not easy and Cool Winds understands that. All their meals are provided for and this makes our lives so much easier. The passion for kids is clearly visible for all to see. What a relief to know that your kids are in such good hands. Nadia Ferreira

Being away from my little boy was scary at first, you wonder if the people that look after him will look out for him the way you do, for the little creative explorer that he has become and love him for that. I strongly believe, now I know that at Cool Winds they see your child how you do and love them just as much. And very importantly, will allow your child to grow in all aspects and enable them to reach their full potential! Keturah Trower

Our experience at Cool Winds Pre-Primary has been extra ordinary, nothing less than a home away from home. My son Kaiyur was born at 32 weeks old. He was enrolled at Cool Winds Pre-Primary at 7 months old. The staff has been most accommodating to my family and my son, as he experienced ongoing health problems from day one. He is now 3 years of age and still attends Cool Winds Pre-Primary. Kaiyur has grown from strength to strength over the years, with the help of the teachers and assistants at Cool Winds, who treat all kids as their own NOT as pupils. Their individual needs are cared for and everyone goes the extra mile to ensure their wellbeing. The environment at Cool Winds Pre-Primary is friendly, welcoming and most of all SAFE. Cool Winds Pre-Primary is definitely an asset to the community and parents. Anyone who has the opportunity to enrol any child at the school will have no regrets, only immense joy in watching their child grow and have the best building blocks instilled for the future. Cool Winds Pre-Primary is not only a SCHOOL but a HOME! Karishma Beharielal

When I was looking at options for childcare for my son, I was filled with anxiety, as I wasn't sure where the best place would be, to send him too. I decided to stop in at Cool Winds Pre-Primary one day, on my way home from work and was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming atmosphere and the willingness they had to show me around - without even making an appointment! My mind was made up there and then. Cool Winds has provided my son with a safe, secure and stimulating environment. He has developed such a special bond with his teacher and absolutely loves the interaction he has with the other children in his class. It has been like a home away from home and I couldn't have asked for a better environment for him to be in while I am at work. Wendy Maitin-Casalis

When relocating from Johannesburg to Hilton in early 2015, I was so concerned about finding the perfect Pre-Primary School for my daughter. After visiting Cool Winds, I didn’t feel it necessary to go and view other schools, as I knew this was going to be the ‘Home away from Home’ for her… Not only is Cool Winds a fantastic school environment for your child, it’s a family for the parents, and friends for life! Tarryn Schoeman

Thank you for all the warm hugs that you greet the kids with and the equally warm smiles that always awaited us. The care and affection that you have given my boys will forever remain dear to me. My babies have always been keen to attend school and they learnt an immense amount from the innovative and special ways you have of teaching. It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to Cool Winds, as change is inevitable. We wish you love, prosperity, great health and God’s blessings. Thank you for absolutely everything! Sharleen & Avesh Girdhary

As a first time mum my goal orientation was to find a school that is founded on the values of promoting a safe, friendly and educationally stimulating home away from home ethos for my son. I am a proud parent of Cool Winds Pre-Primary and have been fortunate to be a part of such an amazing school. In the last four and a half years I have been privileged to have the experience of a value adding school. Any parent or prospective parent to this school will be delighted with the standard of care and education provided. As parents, we celebrate in the joy of watching our little ones develop, be it taking their first steps or uttering their first words, these moments define our purpose. It is an honour to have a school that celebrates those moments with us as parents, a school that contributes to the aspirations we as parents have for our children and certainly a school that provides the best possible environment for our children to thrive. I must commend the Principal and Educators for their unfaltering dedication and commitment to child development. What an incredible school indeed. Nirvani Pillay

When we knew we were moving back to KZN we knew what type of school we wanted. Cool Winds Pre-Primary was the school we chose. It offers everything from all round schooling environment with great values, food which our kids seem to eat enough for it to be noticed! Cool Winds has met every one of our expectations and more. Our kids are excited to get to school every morning for the big hug from the teachers and staff. It is a place that we feel happy leaving our kids from 07H00 - 17H30 as working parents. It comes highly recommended by both my husband and I, as parents of twins…….Kelly Ford

Cool Winds continues to give our daughter a quality, caring Pre-Primary education. She's been there since she was 4 months old and we have opted to keep her there. The normal day lasts until 2 pm and then, should we need it, the aftercare is very reasonable. We continue to find the principal positive and willing to engage and the staff competent and caring…..Andrew Gilfillan

I am a mother of a 5 year old boy Neo Memela. Neo attends Cool Winds Pre-Primary, Grade RR. He is in the Butterflies class. I am at work for a greater part of my day and I leave my son at school with confidence every morning. At Cool Winds Pre-primary our children are safe and secure as access to the premises is well controlled. The health of our children remain priority to the school, as the teachers note, alert parents and assist in controlling possible breakouts of infections. The school also encourages and invites government health services to give children vital vaccinations. I have also noticed a great improvement in my son’s intellectual anility and overall wellbeing. The teachers and helpers are patient with our children and have our children's best interest at heart……Philile Memela

My son joined the Cool Winds family in June 2013. I had a bad experience with the previous day care centre and of course I was sceptical of this new one too. On my son’s first day at school I gave Zelda, the school principal, a whole lecture about my son and my nasty experience, surprisingly she listened to me and at the talk she gave me reassurance that my son will be in good hands. I often received messages, pictures and calls of how my son was and what he was involved in during the day. This really put me at ease and I could concentrate on my work. He went through the growing-up milestones under the care of the wonderful Cool Winds Pre-Primary staff. He learnt to be independent, made so many friends and on top of that I could proudly say that the teachers have produced an intelligent young man. He is now a big boy and ready to go to big school next year. It has been a wonderful 4 year long journey, with the loving Cool Winds Family!. Samkelisiwe Mabizela
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