Cool Winds Pre-Primary is a Christian preschool that has been operating since the 19th of January 2011. The school realizes the importance of learning during the first six years of life. It is during this time that a child should receive unconditional love, unlimited affection and continuous praise. It is this environment that will allow a child to develop a wide range of abilities to use and build upon throughout life. These include the ability to:
  • learn
  • be self-confident and have high self-esteem
  • have positive social skills
  • have successful relationships at later ages
  • develop a sense of empathy
The school understands the great challenges that working parents are faced with. Parents need access to facilities that cater for their special needs.
Cool Winds Pre-Primary offers the following unique services to assist parents with babies, toddlers and preschool children who need quality care and education:

Situated close to the N3 Highway

The school is closely situated to the N3 Highway. This allows parents who are from areas other than Hilton, such as Pietermaritzburg, Howick and the Midlands, to enrol their children at the school.

Extended school hours

The school opens at 07h00 and closes at 17h30. The school day is from 07h00 to 14h00, thereafter children are accommodated at the aftercare facility.

Programme for Babies, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

The school provides quality education and care to children aged 12 months to 6 years. All facilities offered are customized to accommodate the various age groups. Children will therefore be allowed to attend one school throughout their preschool career, without being inconvenienced by moving between schools.

Excellent Learning Programme

The school takes pride in its well-developed learning programme. From as young as 1 year old, children are exposed to elements of the CAPS curriculum. Children are encouraged to play and to explore their environment. Children are motivated to be inquisitive and to question. From Grade RR children are introduced to the Letterland programme, which is a phonic based approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling. Children leaving the school to go to Grade 1 are well equipped to deal with the high demands set in Primary school.

Teacher Assistance

The school realises the importance of proper supervision of children. We also realise that each child learns at a different pace. For this reason all classes have a teacher and a teacher assistant.

Holiday Programme

Children enrolled at the school have full access to the programme. The school closes for a 2 week mid-year break during the June/July holidays and then 4 weeks during the December/January holidays.

Meals provided

Children are given breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day. The menu has been put together to satisfy the children’s taste buds and to be of good nutritional value. Children are also given juice or rooibos tea during the day.

Microwaves and Fridges

The majority of classes are equipped with microwaves and fridges. The staff members do also have access to a well equipped kitchen. All food on our menu is freshly prepared on a daily basis.

Communication Books and Parent/Teacher Interviews

A communication book is updated on a daily basis and sent home with your child. Parents are informed of their child’s eating, sleeping and toiletry habits as well as their overall well-being. Parent interviews are scheduled once a year, where dedicated time is given to parents and staff members to discuss children’s progress. Cool Winds Pre-Primary does however offer an open door policy where parents may address matters of concern to staff members at any time. A detailed progress report is compiled and issued to parents twice during the school year.

Generator and Backup Water Supplies

Cool Winds Pre-Primary has a Generator to allow all operations at the school to continue uninterruptedly, should there be a power outage. Backup water supply is available, should there be no supply of municipal water.


We have safe parking on the premises, with restricted access control to the school property. Entrance to the building also require an access code. Thereby the school has control over access to the school property and building.
Fully Covid-19 compliant.

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2 Dale Road, Hilton, 3245